Five billion dollars a year in healthcare funding. That’s how much money North Carolina did not get in new hospital beds and treatment centers last year. It won’t be coming this year, either. Five billion dollars will not be spent this year, or the next, to staff rural hospitals, to expand the availability of urgent care centers, or to hire new primary care physicians. In fact, without action from the legislature, North Carolina will miss out on 50 billion dollars in medical funding over 10 years that our healthcare system could use to modernize, innovate, and grow to meet the needs of the future.

It’s time to get past ideology and talk about why healthcare coverage is a fiscally responsible investment in our workforce and our economy. The current legislature continues to make imprudent decisions regarding healthcare, adding unnecessary financial strain to our state. Mary’s focus is to make sure that all of North Carolina’s residents have medical coverage and to bring attention to mental health and treatment programs, making the treatment of these illnesses a priority.